News Archive 2012

Baby Show

We had a great day at the Swindon Baby Show in September and raised a little over £250. Running the kitchen was great fun and we met some really lovely people. Many thanks again to Tobias Robins for inviting us along =0) x


Christmas Party

It was another great evening in December with music from the Chocolate Candy Band and dancing from...everybody! Huge thanks again to Karen & Tina who organised the whole thing so professionally and to Ntegra who provided the bar for the evening. The total raised was just over £3,000 which we think was A. May. Zing!



This event in September was such a giggle! We had 11 teams taking part, many of whom were in fancy dress. We had Father Ted & Friends, Scoobie Doo & Friends, a whoopie cushion (charging £1 a squeeze), a human fruit machine (I think the noisiest team of the night!), a kissing booth (£1 a kiss...) and a beautiful Cinderella. We raised just over £900 on the night and had a complete blast! Looking forward to next year's already...!


Kevin Snowball Update!

He's only gone and done it again!
Kevin Snowball completed the Half Ironman Triathlon on August 11th, (he even took time out of his holiday to do it!)
A 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile cycle and 13.1 mile run....all in 5 hours 33 minutes. That's pretty terrific we reckon. Thank you to everyone who sponsored Kevin for his events, and of course to the man himself....a HUGE thank you for all you have done for RFCF. You are FAB xxx


Wroughton Swimming Club

We'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all at Wroughton Swimming Club. They took part in a sponsored 24 hour swim and raised £500 for RFCF. Some of the children in the club went to school with Ruby and one of the mums was Ruby's Oncology Outreach Nurse. Thank you to everyone for your amazing efforts. xxx


Sarah Heads Solo Skydive

Sarah Heads completed an 11,000 ft solo skydive in July and landed safe & sound at Redlands Airfield. We were there to watch her final preparations and, of course, her jump. We would have understood completely if she'd decided not to do it at the last all looked soooo scary! But she did it...the lady is a total star.
Check out the video online

Thank you Sarah xxx


Calum Grant

As part of the Lethbridge Fat Cow Day, Calum Grant volunteered to have his all wonderful long hair cut extremely short. He raised a staggering £700 for RFCF charities. We were amazed at his bravery and his kindness...please have a look at the photos on here!


Fat Cow Day, 2013.

We had a great day at the Lethbridge Fat Cow Day in June. The children dressed up as little cows and the Year 6s worked hard manning lots of different stalls. We had pin the tail on the cow, throw the beanbag into the cowpat, cow pat surprise (chocolate angel delight!) and lots of cakes and some fab cow ice creams! Thank you to all parents for entering into the spirit of the day and to all the staff & pupils at Lethbridge. The final total is yet to be confirmed, we'll keep you posted!


Ruthin Ladies!

The Ruthin Ladies have done it again...! They raised £230 with a sponsored walk in May 2013. The sun shone and it was a great day all round. Thank you lovely ladies! xx


The Bitter Lemons

A HUGE thank you to all the lovely members of this brainy team. They won the most recent quiz at The Bathurst Arms, North Cerney, Cirencester & donated their £130.50 winnings to RFCF. It's a pretty tough quiz apparently, and the BLs battled their way to a stupendous victory! Thank you x


First Great Western

Big shout out to all the fabbies at First Great Western, Milford House, in Swindon! RFCF was nominated to receive donations from their most recent 'dress down' day and they raised a rather marvellous £112.30
Extra large thanks to Tanya Weaver for arranging it all & lots of luck with your move to the sunshine!


Garry Teeson

A belated shout out to Mr Garry Teeson who went tee(son)total from New Years Eve until the birth of his (very beautiful) daughter and donated £200, his 'would-be beer spends', to RFCF. You are a shining star, thank you! xxx


20 at The Kings

20 at The Kings on Wood St in Old Town have had a couple of our collecting boxes on the bar for the last 3 months. They have collected a total of £172.70! A huge thank you to everyone who dropped in their pennies and pounds and especially to the quiz team who donated their £35 winnings! What a lovely thing to do! Thank you =0) xxx


2013 Race for Life

There were two teams racing this year at Lydiard Park, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Ruby's Fat Cow Team and The Fat Cows & Calves raised almost £700 between them for Cancer Research UK. Fab result, I'm sure you'd agree.


Fat Cow Sale

In March we held a sale of children's clothes, books, toys and games at Bath Rd Methodist Church. It was a great day and we raised a whopping £700! Thank you to everyone who donated such amazing things, to everyone who helped withall  the organisation and on the day itself. It was really good fun!


Farmer's Market

We braved the snow on a Sunday morning in March and sold cakes at the Farmer's Market by the Outlet Village. Amazingly, despite the freezing conditions, we made £275 on the day. Thank you to everyone who baked for us and who supported us on the day!


Fat Cow Escapes

This is the latest adventure for us & one that is causing great excitement! Thanks to a fabulous idea from a wonderful friend, Ruby's Fat Cow Fund will soon be offering short breaks away for families of children with cancer. This will be made possible by owners of holiday homes kindly donating a week or two each year for this purpose. We will be starting small but hope to grow over the coming months. If you would like to be involved, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hopkin Family Walrus Dip!

The wonderful Hopkin Family bravely took part in this year's Walrus Dip to raise money for RFCF. For those of you that don't know, this involves running into the sea (in South Wales!) on Boxing Day morning. So, whilst I was enjoying trifle for breakfast, my fab friends were freezing their bits off on a cold & frosty morning! Thank you to Liz, John, Carys, Emlyn & Katie & to everyone who sponsored them. You all helped to raise a whopping & £611.83!
Check out the photos on the photo page...


Christmas Party latest

The final total raised at the RFCF Christmas party was an amazing £2184.02! Thank you to everyone who supported it, it was a great night & to have raised so much money too is nothing short of awesome! We'll be doing it all again next Christmas so keep watching the Events page for details!



On February 15th, I had a meeting with Robert Buckland, MP for Swindon South. He listened to what the HeadSmart Campaign is all about & is keen to help promote it in Swindon schools. He's going to meet with members of Swindon Borough Council to discuss how HeadSmart cards can be distributed via schools.
A good start!

Charity Merger

The Brain Tumour Charity is due to merge with another charity, Brain Tumour UK, at the beginning of March. With a combined income of £4.5million, the merger will create the second largest charity focussing solely on brain tumours in the world. Let's hope that between them they finally manage to eradicate this evil disease.



The HeadSmart Campaign is continuing to gain momentum. The aim is to make all parents aware of the signs and symptoms of brain tumours in children and young people. Although brain tumours are rare, they do happen and early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to increase chances of recovery.
We have contacted the Healthy Schools Programme Manager at Swindon Borough Council, in an attempt to encourage all Swindon schools to actively take part in the HeadSmart campaign. They have agreed to include website links in the newsletters to all Swindon schools.
Meanwhile, Wiltshire County Council are sending out HeadSmart information to all children, parents & carers through schools. A great step forward!


Christmas Party

RFCF Xmas party was simply the BEST way to end our 1st year of Fat Cow fundraising! It was a total blast! The Chocolate Candy Band kept everyone up on the dance floor, the bar flowed freely and we were able to hand over £12,000 to some amazing charities. Big thank yous to everyone who donated to the auction & raffle (there were some cracking prizes), to everyone who helped to set up (and take down!), to the band for a BRILLIANT performance, to Lethbridge School for allowing us to party in their hall & to everyone who came along and partied so hard! You were all fantastic!
Biggest, biggest...BIGGEST thank you goes to the wonderful ladies who made it all happen, Tina People & Karen Jones. Job well done girls, you blew me away ...big time! =0)
Funniest story of the night? Pete Usher. The one & only 007! x


King William Street School - Fat Cow Day

King William Street had their very own Fat Cow Day on Friday November 30th. Teachers and children met early in the morning for Breakfast Club dressed in clothes with a 'cow theme'! They spent the day engaged in fun activities and finished off with a cake sale after school. They raised £447.81 which is a truly amazing amount for such a small school. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in the day and who contributed cakes to the sale! =0) x


Ruthin Medieval Market

Ruthin Medieval Market saw its first Fat Cow stall on December 1st. Granny Wales, along  with help from fab family & friends, sold cakes, pies, chutneys and Fat Cow goodies to raise a fabulous £572.80! That's a lot of baking & selling! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the day. You are F.A.B! xxx


Farmers Market

We had a great day at the Farmers  Market down by the Outlet Village on Sunday 25th November.  We had a slight worry when we started to unpack the cakes in the morning and discovered just how many we had to sell...but 6 hours later all the cakes had gone and we had raised a whopping £461. Lesty's Cookie Monster cakes were the favourites of the day, with Aunty Jane's Tiffin coming a close second. A huge thank you to all who made, donated, sold and bought cakes on the day and thanks also to Gerb & Adam for all your support and for making us feel so welcome. Hopefully we can do it all again one day next year...we'll keep you posted!


Ben Ward

A wonderful friend of the family, Ben from Nottingham, completed a chilly 17 mile charity walk on Sunday November 18th. He raised a heart-warming £142.96 from his golfing friends for the fund by spreading the Fat Cow word.
Thank you Ben! xxx



Swindon College

On November 15th we popped down to Swindon College to talk to students and lecturers about Ruby's Fat Cow Fund. The students will be fundraising hard this year to try to raise £1000 for RFCF. It was wonderful to meet so many kind and motivated people in one room! The suggested ideas for fundraising so far have been awesome and we're really looking forward to being part of the fun.


Stand Up to Cancer UK

Stand Up to Cancer - Ruby's short film was broadcast on Ch 4 on Oct 16th and shown during the live SU2C event on Oct 19th. We thought the film was deeply moving yet beautiful and we have received an amazing number of messages from people who were touched by it. Hopefully Ruby's Story will continue to encourage people to donate money which will fund the clinical trials we need so badly. The total raised on the night currently stands at around £6.5 million. We'd like to thank everyone at Maverick TV who contributed to making the film, especially Anya, Simon, Max and Oliver. It was a real pleasure to have you around! =0)



Mark Kidd & Kerri Clear...Thank you!

We'd like to say a big fat thank you to Kerri Clear and all the staff and parents at Broome Nursery who have donated £150 to RFCF. Ruby had very happy times at Broome Nursery from the age 9 months until she started school and some of the staff who worked with her are still there. It's wonderful that they have remembered Ruby after all this time and that they have been so keen to raise money in her memory. Thank you everyone! =0) x

We'd like to say an enormous THANK YOU & congratulations to Mark Kidd (the husband of Ruby's Yr 4 teacher) who swam the River Dart 10k in September, raising over £300 for The Brain Tumour Charity in Ruby's name. 10k in the River Dart is a pretty amazing feat!
If you'd like to sponsor Mark, the Just Giving page is still open, just follow the link below.
The Brain Tumour Charity is the largest dedicated funder of brain tumour research in the country.


Swindon Baby Show

We had a great time at this year's Baby Show at Steam. We raised over £3000 for RFCF and met some very lovely people too!
A huge thank you to everyone who made it such a good day, including all visitors on the day (big, small & teeny-tiny), all the exhibitors, all the smiley staff at Steam, everyone who distributed leaflets and displayed a poster, to all who donated such fab prizes for the raffle, to Naomi and my ever so wonderful Fat Cow posse for helping out on the day.
Biggest thanks to the man who made it all happen, the truly fabulous Tobias Robins.

Shakespeare Shin-Dig

This brilliant evening of hog roast, disco & karaoke was attended by over 80 guests in Ruthin, North Wales. Aunty Mark was King of the Karaoke and the cakes were pretty fab too! It was great to see so many family and friends and wonderful to meet so many kind-hearted, fun-loving people! We raised over £900 in just a few hours. Thank you to everyone who helped to make it such a successful evening.